Curling with Avril Lavigne

EA are pushing the boundaries by releasing a sports-based party game for the Wii. But get this: it features celebrities. Celebrities like these: American female singers and people I don’t know. You want a proper list? Alright then:

  • Fergie
  • Avril Lavigne
  • LeAnn Rimes
  • Keith Urban
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Paul Pierce
  • Mia Hamm
  • Kristi Yamaguchi
  • Reggie Bush
  • Sugar Ray Leonard

Anyone care to enlighten me on who most of those are? I don’t care enough to look myself. But you might as well have a list of events while I’m at it:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Inner-Tubing
  • Wild Water Canoeing
  • Hurdle Derby
  • Slalom Showdown
  • Cliff Hangers
  • Smash Badminton
  • Rapid Fire Archery
  • Joust Duel
  • Curling
  • Arena Dodgeball
  • Air Racers

The game – Celebrity Sports Showdown, due in time for Christmas – is part of the EA SPORTS Freestyle sub-brand, for casual sports games.

I should think this is all unbearably awful, but do you know what? I’m half intrigued. The North American-centric celebrity line-up probably means it won’t be as a big a success in the UK as it might have been, but the idea of playing Smash Badminton against Avril Lavigne isn’t intrinsically unappealing. I know it should be, but it isn’t. So kill me.

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