Yoda wins!

Soul Calibur IV shot straight to the top of the chart, which isn’t surprising seeing as it’s the first one-on-one brawler to be released in ages. It’s the Xbox 360 version of that has shifted the most copies so far – 56 percent, in fact.

Wii Fit has dropped to #2, Big Beach Sports has risen from #10 to #5, while Lego Indiana Jones has done the reverse and fallen from #5 to #10. Don’t forget your hat, Mr. Jones!

SBK 08 goes in at #8 in the 360 chart, #17 in the PlayStation 2 chart and #10 in the PSP chart. The only other new entry is Puzzler Collection in the DS chart at #24.

Alone in the Dark has now left the top 40 despite being one of the most hyped games of the year. A demo has just gone up on Xbox Live though, so maybe it’ll be back in again next week.

Matt Gander

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