Monthly Archives: August 2008

Not a book in sight

Although the Games Convention was going on in Germany at the weekend, I chose to keep an eye on the world of video games from the less obvious surrounds of the Reading Festival. But amongst the teenagers who’d written on themselves and...
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Xbox Live Arcade is brilliant. Ikugara, Rez, Worms and Uno have sucked up hours of my time, even though I’m unable to reach level three of Ikugara. However, what the Live Arcade has missed so far is quality original games, instead relying on old classics to prop up the service. Braid has come along in a gallant attempt to buck that trend.

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Hell to pay

UK Chart Stamina. Strength. Speed. Determination. What better way to recreate the feats required to enter the Olympics than by sitting at home with a piece of plastic in your hand? Beijing 2008 is up from #13 to #3, Mario & Sonic...
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