Arkanoid, Breakout, Gerald Ford

This Week’s Games

It’s a good week for handhelds, if you’re looking through my eyes. Needless to say, I am looking through my eyes.

What’s good about it? Well, echochrome for PSP for one thing. It’s a black and white puzzler all about perspective – if two parts of the maze aren’t joined, then rotate the camera until they look like they’re joined, and they are joined. Have a look at the video we posted about a year ago and you’ll get the idea. In short, it looks ace, and indeed has gone down very well.

The other handheld highlight for me is Arkanoid DS. Arkanoid, Breakout, Gerald Ford – call it what you like, it’s my favourite ‘retro’ game by far, and thus I am quite excited by Square-Enix’s new version. It’s not gone down as well as their other retro update also out today, Space Invaders Extreme, but that’s no massive surprise.

The big multiformat release is WALL-E. The film – it’s a Pixar thing – is being given big big love; the game has been more moderately received.

Buzz! Quiz TV for PlayStation 3 has been going down very well with reviewers, as has Unreal Tournament III on Xbox 360. The combination of Xbox 360, FPS and summer may mean it does very well in the chart next week.

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