Too Human – 8 years to make, 10 hours to complete

Wired’s Chris Kohler was given the chance to play through Too Human – a game which started out as an RPG for the PSone before moving over to GameCube then finally Xbox 360. The gaming press have recently been billing it as Diablo for the Xbox 360 generation, but it would seem that calling it an epic would be off the mark. In fact, Kohler claims that it can be finished in around 10 hours, and ends abruptly with a cliffhanger.

“It’s ironic, considering that one of my favorite “sanity effect” tricks that (ahem) Eternal Darkness pulls on you is when the game suddenly stops after a few hours and you see a message that reads something like, “Thank you for playing! Continue your adventure in Eternal Darkness 2, coming soon.” Five years later, Too Human does the same thing — except seriously.”

But don’t go jumping the gun just yet – Wired’s preview later reveals that there is a great deal of replay value.

“By the time you finish the campaign, Baldur will likely only be at level 25 of what I believe is a maximum of 50. He’ll have some decent armor and weapons, but there will be lots more out there. You can begin a new campaign with the same character you finished with, and the enemies will scale up accordingly so the challenge can continue. You can even jump into alternate versions of each level with more and different enemies and drops. You could also, of course, pick a different character class for even more replay value. And there’s the two-player online cooperative mode, which I haven’t tried because there is only one of me.”

He also praises the story telling, the notable lack of loading screens and the smooth frame-rate. Nonetheless, it looks like Too Human could be set to receive some very critical reviews when its finally released in August.

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