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“Nice video / Shame about the song.” That’s probably the only thing I can remember from Not the Nine O’Clock News, which isn’t bad considering it was first broadcast when I was between the ages of -2 and 0 years old. It rather sums up echochrome though, which looked simply divine when it was shown in video form last year. A black and white puzzle game where changing perspective changes reality – it looked interesting, new, mature.

But I should have seen it coming. The black and white, the all lowercase title – it’s massively poncy, and that’s not often a good sign. What should have been a minimalist, mind-bending, but perversely intuitive puzzler, is actually just a fiddly little bugger.

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WALL-E’s opening level shows promise, with the trash-compacting robot whizzing around an abandoned futuristic version of Earth solving puzzles with cubes made out of various scrap metals. As soon as the second level recon robot EVE becomes playable. Her free-roaming flying levels...
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E3: Trailer Park

Would you rather watch (mostly glorified) footage of the titles shown at E3 rather than read boring words about them? Then a trip over to our YouTube channel should do you some good. Videos currently proving popular include Ubisoft’s new IP I...
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Sony at E3: Business as usual

We all know that Sony needs to show off something really special at this year’s E3. The good news is that they showed off more surprises than Nintendo did, with the biggest being MAG from SOCOM developers Zipper Interactive. Think Resistance 2’s...
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