No chart love for Okami, Hulk or Soul Bubbles

There must have been a lot of lucky dads on the receiving end of a shiny new DS on Father’s Day. That’s the only explanation possible for Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training and 42-All Time Classics shooting back up the top 40 chart. Solid Snake stealthily takes the top spot, pushing Lego Indiana Jones to #2, while Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution goes in at #9.

Wii Fit is back in at #10, Sports Island has moved up from #14 to #8, but Mario Kart Wii and Ninja Gaiden II have both fallen from #6 and #7 to #15 and #16 respectively.

Moving down the chart a bit, Don King Presents: Prizefighter (which is apparently borderline average) punches into the chart at #25. Rock Band seems to be on its way out already dropping fifteen places to #35, while Haze has also fallen from #15 to #27.

The Incredible Hulk game fails to enter the top 40 but goes in at #12 in the Xbox 360 chart. Okami on Wii makes another poor showing at #17 in the Wii chart (so much for a second chance!) but it has still done better than the delightful Soul Bubbles on DS which has failed to chart full stop. It’s not even in the DS top 50. Then again, I did struggle to find a copy at the weekend…

Matt Gander

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