Indy whips up the chart

As predicted, Lego Indiana Jones has managed to shift GTA IV from its lofty perch atop the top 40 chart. The Wii version has shifted the most copies so far, followed by Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and DS.

Ninja Gaiden II goes in at #6, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit at a shocking high #11, while Sports Island on Wii also goes in at a surprisingly high #14. Atari must be happy about Dragon Ball Z – they haven’t had much success of late.

Word of Haze not living up to expectations seems to be spreading, causing it to drop from #6 to #15. Sega Superstars Tennis has also fallen from #7 to #16, while Rock Band drops like a medium-weight rock from #12 to #20. Big Brain Academy – which made a re-entry at #18 last week – now sits at #38. Looks like Nintendo have got round to making more copies of Link’s Crossbow Training though – it’s back in at #24.

I bet UEFA Euro 2008 wouldn’t be at a lowly #19 in the chart if the England team had managed to get through the qualifiers.

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