Frustration to the point of Post-it note attack

Forbes is telling us that Apple could be about to kill the Nintendo DS with the iPhone. It’s a reasonably well-balanced discussion, but bafflingly misses one massively important factor in Nintendo’s success: first-party Nintendo games.

It makes me want to punch a hole in my monitor, reach down the internet, and slap the writer about the face with a pad of promotional branded Post-it notes.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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  • I think there’s an even more critical factor: the iPhone’s bloody terrible control method for games.

    Every iPhone action game I’ve tried to date has been terrible with the touch screen controls. It suits some games (iBlackjack is fine… I guess Snooker works well too – though the iPhone touch screen is much less responsive and precise than the DS with a stylus, and the DS has proper buttons too). Mercury maze style games are fun with the accelerometer but anything remotely like a normal game where a joypad might be required is terrible.

    The iPhone is not a good games machine.

  • The DS has reached saturation point in Japan – 1 in 6 people own one. I can’t see the same amount of people going and buying an iphone.

  • It seems like 1 in 6 people own an iPhone in China (or a knock-off). The newly announced iPhone 3G will probably help, with it’s new price point (us$200, down from $400). But yeh, it’s never going to compete with the DS as a games machine.

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