The screen doesn’t freeze or go blank

I love call centres. They’re so very, very helpful. Especially when you have what seems to be an uncommon problem.

My Xbox 360 goes a bit mental after about five minutes, distorting the display so that you can still sort of see what’s going on, but it’s all horribly pixellated, and generally a bit broken. It took 25 minutes to try to explain this to the Xbox support centre, and even then they didn’t really understand, mainly because the screen doesn’t freeze or go blank. No matter how many times they asked.

Evidently it’s what they’re used to: their system froze at least twice processing my support request. Brilliant! It shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s still disappointing that Microsoft are so very, very rubbish.

A slow system creates another problem: small talk. “What’s your favourite game?” “Do you have any kids?” I realise that working in a call centre for Microsoft must be a soul-destroying experience, but when you’re failing to understand my problem, I’m not really in the mood for talking about Grand Theft Auto, even if you have got the PC version of Vice City.

All of this is stopping me from playing Race Driver: GRID. I do like the fact that you can choose what your lady guide calls you though, and the fact that ‘Jake’ is one of the options. Very good. Now I’ve just got to wait a few weeks before I can play it properly.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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