Squat thrusts

Shazam! Wii Fit has vanished completely out of the top 40 chart. Clearly Nintendo are having trouble keeping up with demand, rather than everybody deciding to spend £70 at Burger King instead.

GTA IV continues to hold onto the top spot, PC thing Age of Conan goes in at #2, Haze at #3 and Rock Band at #6. That’s pretty good considering it’s only available on Xbox 360 in Europe and costs the same price – if not more – than the console itself.

No sooner has Boom Blox entered the chart than it’s on its way back out, dropping from #21 to #30. Top Trumps: Doctor Who is also on a downer going from #22 to #28. Sega Tennis Superstars is back on the rise up from #27 to #15, while Iron Man and Call of Duty 4 have both fallen out of the top ten. Poor old Speed Racer, which many reviewers actually liked, fails to shift from the arse end of the chart. What’s the betting that the PlayStation 2 version – not due until the DVD release – gets canned?

Interesting to see that the Game Boy Advance chart is still running, but less interesting that half of the titles are Pokemon related.

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