I’m just big boned

Wii Fit is making the press again, but this time in a bad light. It’s all to do with a 10 year old girl who was apparently traumatised after the game told her that she’s overweight.

“She was devastated to be called fat,” a family member said over at DISBoards. “We had to work hard to convince her that she isn’t. I know it is just a game but seriously we already have to worry about young girls starving themselves to look like the magazine models and now we have a game that tells them they’re fat.”

Surely though that would just compel them to play Wii Fit a bit more? And did anybody feel insulted when Brain Training told them they had the mind of an 80 year old?

Matt Gander

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  • Jesus, what is the world coming to. Why is it so un-PC to call someone a fat arse? I’m a lanky bastard and I don’t mind people calling me skinny.

    Fortunately I live in a part of the world where the ideal physique is “tall, skinny, pale faced”, so it’s ideal for geeks like myself, and probably also goths.

  • The child will be much better realising she is fat so she can do something about it rather than just getting more and more obese.

    In addition what are the parents thinking? They must know she is fat, so wrapping her in cotton wool and letting her think she is fine amounts to mental abuse!!

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