History repeating

Patapon is like Space Channel 5 all over again. It looks pretty groovy, and yeah, it’s rhythm action, but it’ll be fine. Then I play it. And I remember how shit I am at rhythm action games.

Actually, it’s worse than that: it’s also like Advance Wars all over again. I have absolutely no patience for strategy games. I like to have feedback on my decisions nice and quickly, and I don’t like having too many variables; I hate it when I lose because of a decision I made before the level even started. I just don’t get on with strategy games. It’s not them, it’s me. I know that.

I’ll keep playing Patapon, because it does look lovely, and it is a quality product. But I genuinely can’t play more than one level at a time.

I have been playing Big Brain Academy again though. I gave up on it quite quickly originally, because some of the games within each category are so much easier than others. But someone was talking about how much they like the Wii version, so I dug it out. And I’m in some sort of routine of playing it regularly now, which is jolly good.

But for Patapon and Big Brain Academy, I had to turn on my PSP and Nintendo DS respectively for the first time in a long while. Does anyone know why the PSP loses its charge so badly? They’re both pretty much first generation versions, but my DS keeps its charge over long periods of inactivity, whereas my PSP always has to be recharged. Which is even more annoying when the firmware usually needs updating, and that can’t be done when the battery is low, even if it’s plugged in. Rubbish!

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