GTA making headlines

As expected, Grand Theft Auto IV is breaking records and making headlines on its launch.

In the UK alone, it sold 609,000 copies on launch day, making it the fastest selling game in the UK (a 20% sales increase over GTA: San Andreas). It’s expected to sell around 6 million copies worldwide in the first week, which makes for some insanely high profits.

There’s the usual controversy too of course. In Croydon, a man queueing at the midnight launch for GTA IV stabbed a man in the neck. Right…

At the same time, idiots like Jack Thompson are already proclaiming GTA IV evil, something which must be banned, before they had even played it. To quote the man himself;

“Grand Theft Auto IV is the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio.”

Rockstar must be pissing themselves whilst rolling in their piles of cash.

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