Salad dodgers make Nintendo happy

Wii Fit has proven to be a bit of a success story – it has gone straight to the top of the chart, and by doing so has become the 6th fastest selling UK release. Chart Track reports that already 1 in 10 Wii owners have splashed out £69.99 for the device and game, while 79% of all Wii releases sold last week were either published by Nintendo or Sega. That’s worryingly high, isn’t it? At least if you’re a publisher that isn’t called Nintendo or Sega.

Mario Kart Wii now drops to #2, with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is at #3. In fact, by our reckoning 17 of the games in the top 40 are Nintendo exclusives.

Non-Nintendo stuff? Singstar Summer Party on PlayStation 2 has entered at #30. Time Crisis 4 has dropped from #24 to #34 and Condemned 2 has also fallen a lot from #13 to #25. Army of Two clings on for dear life at #40. Out of the chart so soon? That’s unusual for an EA game. Even The Simpsons Game is still hanging around at #33.

If you can’t guess what’s going to be #1 next week then you’re obviously a massive idiot.

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