Water mess

Imagine Babies. The name alone prompted sniggers from juvenile internet types, but when the full game arrived in stores Ubisoft found it getting a lot of press coverage and all for the wrong reasons – the boxart featured a watermark from the photo site iStockPhoto. Apparently it would have only cost a mere $12 to purchase the photos sans watermark. You can probably put that down to laziness rather than a lack of funds on Ubisoft’s end.

Vaguely amused by the above? Then you’ll like this – the US boxart for Okami on Wii includes an IGN watermark in the background. That’s quite embarrassing for a game that’s known for its artistic flare. Capcom have made an apology already and are offering a free replacement cover. If you’ve got a ‘defective’ cover then my advice would be to keep hold of it – it may be worth something on eBay one day.

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