Not very Mortal Kombat

Over the years Capcom’s street fighters have faced a wealth of new faces to pummel, from Marvel Superheroes to SNK’s lesser known brawlers. Midway have now decided to make a belated jump on the crossover bandwagon, with Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Shame it wasn’t DC Thomson Universe – we could have had Scorpion fighting Minnie the Minx.

Notice something odd about this trailer? That’s right – there’s no blood. Series creator Ed Boon has also told the press that there won’t be any fatalities either, presumably because DC won’t take well to seeing Batman’s head being ripped off. Arial combat looks fun though.

The worrying thing is how unbalanced the characters are going to be. Sure, Sub Zero vs Batman seems a fair enough fight… but against Superman? Not a chance.

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