PS3 laptop

PlayStation 3 made into a laptopHow about converting your PlayStation 3 into a laptop?

I’m not quite sure what to make of it. On the one hand, well done that man for spending 14 months squeezing his PS3 into a new case. Though, it does look wrong – not the design so much, rather the notion that someone would need a laptop version of a PS3.

It’s not exactly the most portable laptop ever – about the same size as a normal PS3, with a 17″ 720p LCD monitor built in. A good effort definitely, but possibly pointless.

Adam Philbin

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  • Perhaps when Sony releases the PS3 Slim sometime this year, the maker of this will be able to make the laptop a little more portable

    It’s a nice idea but watching a blu-ray disc on it would be underwhelming when compared to someone else’s 42″ screen

  • Хех.. какой-то оффтопик уже начался :)

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