Rock Band – £180

Controllers for Rock BandRock Band is one of the most self explanatory titles in recent history. It’s a rhythm action game where multiple controllers link up to become … a rock band.

It’s been one of the biggest games over in the States for a while now, and it’s already sold one and a half million units. It’s very expensive, though. In the States a pack containing a guitar, microphone, drums and the game will set you back $169 or £85 in real money. Astonishingly, EA evidently thinks that’s not enough.

During an announcement that us Europeans will be able to grab a copy on 23rd May, EA also released some baffling price news. For a start, the instruments will not be bundled in with the game. Instead you’ll have to buy an “Instrument Edition” for £130 and get the game separately for £50. That’s £180 quid for the lot, £95 more than they pay in the States. The same price as a Wii.

Rock Band is a Xbox 360 PAL “timed exclusive” for now, however the PS3 version is not region locked, if you want to stop yourself being, quite frankly, swindled.


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  • £180? May I suggest anyone considering this actually buy some real instruments instead, they might even be cheaper (a ‘learner’ Fender is almost half the price).

  • This is why people hate EA because they’re greedy corporate freaks who make so-so games. I hope they don’t get hold of Rockstar*. Because they’ll just bleed mediocrity into the one of the most creative of studios around at the moment.

  • What an absolute joke. Why are we always paying more than the US for the same things? Why change the deal? I think if you told people they can either buy one 360 game or a Wii , they would would choose the latter.

  • The above Adam isn’t me by the way… didn’t realise unregistered people could use registered names.

  • Could someone find whoever decided upon this price, slap them very hard, then calmly explain that $$$ = £££ is not a valid pricing mechanism?


    It’s already bad enough that we get our games much later (Okami on Wii, 11th April US, 26th June UK? lolwut?), but charging us double for the same damn product is extortion.

    Just enough reason to oppose EA, I guess.

  • Well, I can safely say me and my mates are boycotting this until it’s at least half price.

  • Well, what about Wii Fit being £69.99 in the UK?

    That makes the Wii Board about £40 on it’s own!

  • На самом деле очень прикольный блог! Спасибо огромное и… разумеется, пишите еще!

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