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Occasionally I’ve toyed with the notion of creating a GA podcast. Fortunately I’m too lazy to bother with such an idea and fear that it would end up awful, aside from the lack of a professional recording studio. However, I do enjoy listening to the odd gaming podcast nowadays (and whatever the video ones are called). Admittedly, gaming podcasts are at the bottom of the podcast barrel, significantly below the likes of the Mark Kermode and Adam & Joe podcasts. But still, they’re entertaining and informative enough, and most importantly, can be enjoyed passively while I’m half asleep on the train.

So I thought I’d recommend my most played gaming podcasts for you the ear-bearing public.

Game Theory
This one’s a fine podcast, informative and intelligent enough. Presented by a couple of British gaming journalists in America (and an American), it covers the industry news most weeks. It does suffer from being a little bit tedious at times, talking about Phil Harrison too much for comfort, but it’s not bad.

1Up Yours/Show
The weekly podcast (and video cast thing) of 1Up and EGM, hosted by a variety of American games journalists, but mainly by Garnett Lee and the slightly hyperactive Shane Bettenhausen. It’s informative and they’re all very enthusiastic about their games, though they do have a tendancy to act like Americans and be frankly too enthusiastic about certain games.

PlayStation Nation
Does a surprisingly good job of keeping you up to date with the latest PlayStation 3 news. Enthusiastic, informative, American. So two out of three isn’t bad (I jest).

Totally Rad Show
Not actually a podcast at all, but one of those video things that’s essentially a weekly online TV show. Not strictly about games either – the three chirpy American hosts discuss and review movies, TV shows, geek stuff and games too. It’s not as bad as Diggnation and the hosts are mostly likeable, so well done them.

So, there are some links for you. Download some, or plug your own favourites.

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