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We really loved Persona 3. It had a wonderful, unique quality, so I think now is a good time to talk about it’s sequels.

The first sequel Persona 3: FES (the FES apparently stands for festival) was released in Japan along with the original game. It’s basically a continuation of the original game, with more Personas and a whole new story to go into. What’s interesting, though, is that it also contains the original game, but adds to it new costumes and new storylines, plus a whole new ‘hard’ mode. It’s being released in the U.S on April 22nd, let’s hope it makes its way over here.

The second sequel is unsurprisingly called Persona 4. Not a huge amount is known about it at the moment, but it’s very close to completion and will be released on July 10th for the PS2. What we do know is that the game takes place in the countryside this time around, has a more “nostalgic” feel and it’s a murder mystery. Plus, there’s a weather system and lots of football. Scoring a goal to summon up a monster? Let’s hope so.

Here’s a trailer for you, and some scans. Because we love you.

Persona 4 Trailer | Persona 4 Scans (External Link)

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