It doesn’t take much to confuse the internet. Earlier this week Ubisoft announced the Wii-exclusive Emergency Heroes, which looks almost identical to Codemaster’s Wii-exclusive Emergency Mayhem. So much so, in fact, that some websites thought that the game had simply changed publisher… which wouldn’t be the first time seeing as Emergency Mayhem has been on the back burner since the days of Acclaim.

But this isn’t the case – they’re two different games. Well, kind of. Ubisoft’s effort is being developed by Ubisoft Reflections – them behind the Driver series. Emergency Mayhem on the other hand is being finished by the Leamington Spa based Supersonic Software.

Let’s play spot the difference with the box art!

Emergency confusion

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  • They do look pretty similar.
    Ubisoft Reflections have been working on this for a while now, it looks like they used the Driver: Parallel lines engine, some of the cars look pretty similar too.

  • Official Nintendo Magazine reviewed Emergency Mayhem this month. They gave it 50%, saying that the mini-games were really bland.

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