Tom Clancy’s Tom Clancy

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has become Ubisoft’s first #1 of the year and is also the fifth Tom Clancy game to take the top spot. More facts: sales were split 77% Xbox 360 and 23% PlayStation 3, and it’s the fourth fastest selling Xbox 360 game so far.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games drops down to #2 while Army of Two has dropped from #2 to #8. Sega Superstars Tennis goes in at #10, which makes it the second game staring Sonic in the top 10. Our friend Game Party is also on the way down – from #11 to #19 – but the biggest loser is the aptly named Turning Point: Fall of Liberty which has gone from #17 to #35.

Spiderwick Chronicles goes in at #26 in its second week of release and Resistance: Fall of Man is also back in the chart at #30. Halo 3 is back in as well, at #34.

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