People are still buying Game Party

If this week’s chart is anything to go by, people are desperate for rubbish war games and painfully dire mini-game collections for Wii. Carnival: Fun Fair Games is up from #16 to #6, while Game Party is hanging around just outside the top ten at #11. Turning Point – which seems have to scored mediocre review scores across the board – goes in at #17, while Army of Two is at #2, having been knocked off the top spot by Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The Wii-exclusive No More Heroes makes an appearance at #18.

Lost: Via Domus is on a slippery slope – maybe because word is finally spreading about how poor it is – and has dropped from #10 to #25. Lost Odyssey has also dropped from #11 to #21, and Dynasty Warriors 6 from #19 to #34. Ben 10 is on the rise though, up seven from #19. Presumably Mr 10 is in fashion with ‘da kidz’ at the moment.

The biggest surprise though is that Spiderwick Chronicles has only just managed to get into the top 40 at all. But then again, the movie isn’t out yet. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody goes in at #18 in the Wii chart, while Odin Sphere enters the PlayStation 2 chart at #9.

Matt Gander

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