Drop it like it’s hot

It’s a busy week for releases, with the multiformat allegedly above average Spiderwick Chronicles being our tip for the top. Well, it’s bound to make it into the top ten at least. There’s also Turning Point: Fall of Liberty on 360 and PlayStation 3, which has been getting some appalling reviews, and FlatOut: Head On on PSP which is probably worth a look if you can stomach yet another PSP racer.

The Wii sees a slew of new games – 11 in fact – with three worthy of investigation. No More Heroes scored a 9 from Edge and 94% from the reliable N Gamer, while Harvest Moon Magical Melody – not to be confused with Tree of Tranquility, or whatever it ends up being called – is a Euro-exclusive as the GameCube version never made it out here. Then there’s strategic RPG Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn from the Advance Wars people. The rest of this week’s Wii offerings include another bowling sim, Bomberman Land and the less-than-full-price Star Trek Conquest.

On DS there’s the Pokemon-alike Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, the nonsensically named Fish Tycoon from Eidos and Magic Made Fun from Nintendo themselves. The last comes with a pack of cards and teaches you how to perform magic tricks. The PlayStation 2 still manages to get a look in with the quirky 2D side-scrolling RPG Odin Sphere.

There’s also a big Xbox 360 price-drop this week. The Arcade Core pack is down to £159.99, the Premium to £199.99 and the Elite to £259.99. Game has some quite good bundles, with you can see here.

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