Unleash your willy

Yes, that’s a childish headline but what you going to do? Nothing, that’s what. Or maybe let out a schoolboy-like laugh. It’s only the Wii and PSP receiving Destroy All Humans 3: Big Willy Unleashed this week though – the PlayStation 2 version felt the wrath of THQ’s recent cutbacks. Bully: Scholarship Edition is another big one out this week on Wii and Xbox 360. Nobody has seemed to picked up on the fact that it’s no longer called Canis Canem Edit, oddly.

It’s interesting to see that EA’s Army of Two has slipped out. It was looking like a right old mess a few months ago, but currently the average review score on the ever helpful Game Rankings stands at respectable 78%. EA have apparently taken out the tampon wound bandaging mini-game though after some mild internet hysteria.

Blacksite: Area 51 and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift make belated appearances on PlayStation 3 and PSP respectively – EA lost interest in the latter after poor sales of the PlayStation 2 version, leaving Koch to pick it up. Meanwhile 505 Games have silently released early Japanese Xbox 360 launch title A-Train HX. It’s a bit of a cheek that they’re still asking full price for it, seeing as it’s over two years old.

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