Games in the actual news

Well, some sections of the BBC News website anyway. Alright, not hardcore sections like Europe, where people even care about stories in non-English speaking countries. But we can at least do better than Also in the news. Though there is a games story on that page today. Damn it all.

In the Business section is the news of EA’s bid for Take-Two. “Take-Two told EA to fuck off,” the BBC certainly didn’t write. There’s also the news of Microsoft’s discontinuation of the HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360, following Toshiba giving up on the format last week.

Technology has the resignation of Phil Harrison, which inevitably UK:R has covered with a little more aplomb. There’s also a bit about a chat which section editor Darren Waters has with that there Peter Molyneux at GDC. I’ve not read it, so please do let me know in the comments if he actually said anything worthwhile. Unlikely, I know.

The story which features in Also in the news comes from Health of all places. It’s about people using the Wii to help with rehabilitation. It’s so interesting, the BBC even wrote another artice discussing other health benefits of playing on the Wii.

So there you have it: the day there were quite a few game-related stories on the BBC News website. It’ll go down in history.

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