No FIFA Street 3 for PlayStation 2, PSP or Wii? That doesn’t sound like the EA we know. But given the mixed review scores it’s hardly a blow to any of the systems just mentioned.

The PlayStation 2 actually has the most games released this week – a grand total of five, including yet another Buzz game (Dino Den) along with Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Godzilla Unleashed and Jumper: Griffin’s Story. The last three are also available on Wii this week, with the Xbox 360 also gets Jumper. It’s based on a movie, if you weren’t aware. (Kermode says it’s rubbish.)

There’s a little treat for PSP owners in the form of Patapon – a game billed as the new Loco Roco. Unreal Tournament III on PlayStation 3 is worth a look too – they’ve even thought to include a story in the single player mode this time round.

Matt Gander

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