GDC 08 round’em up

GDC 08 is underway in San Francisco, with the most significant piece of news being the announcement of Gear of War 2. The ‘fact sheet’ that Microsoft has issued is almost the opposite, merely pointing out that it’s a 360-exclusive again, uses the Unreal Engine 3 again, and sees Marcus Fenix battling the Locusts again. There’s a little teaser trailer doing the rounds, and it’s down for a November release in both tin and plastic flavours.

There are plenty of other dates doing the rounds too. Ninja Gaiden II has a worldwide release penned in for June, Mario Kart Wii – which now appears to be the official name – is out in Europe 11th April while Wii Fit will join it on the 25th. So where does Super Smash Bros Brawl fit into all this you ask? Well, it doesn’t. Currently Game has it down for 5th May, while Play lists it for the 30th.

Nintendo has also announced that us Europeans will be getting the chance to download Commodore 64 games on Virtual Console. The first two confirmed are Uridum and International Karate, at 500 points (£3.50) a pop. Another WiiWare title has been unveiled – LostWinds from Frontier. From the looks of things the Wii remote is used to control the wind to help character Toku solve puzzles and defeat the evil Balasar. It looks quite swish, actually. Another good idea comes from Fable 2 – you can earn virtual money by playing various Xbox Live Arcade games.

Some awards were handed out at the show as well. Have a look below:

Game of the Year – Portal
Best Game Design – Portal
Best Debut Game – Crackdown
Best Audio – Bioshock
Best Downloadable Game – flow
Best Technology – Crysis
Innovation Award – Portal
Best Visual Arts – Bioshock
Best Handheld Game – Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Best Writing – Bioshock

What, no Ninja Breadman?

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