If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit…

All change in the top ten: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is #1 again, shoving Devil May Cry 4 to #2. FIFA 08 has risen from #10 to #6, while Burnout Paradise is already on the fall, down four places to #8. The Club meanwhile manages to hold on at #10.

Both Maths Training and Sight Training are on the rise, but last week’s surprise entry PDC World Champ Darts has fallen all the way from #6 to #23. Conflict: Denied Ops is still riding high at #12 despite being a bit rubbish, but on the plus side Donkey Kong Jet Race has dropped out of the top 40.

There’s a few new entries too. Midway’s Game Party proves that people love Wii mini-game collections, going in at #15, and Cooking Mama 2 on DS goes in at #33. If you buy it from GameStation you get Cookies and Cream (aka Kuri Kuri Mix) for free, which isn’t a bad deal.

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