Big devils don’t cry

I really don’t understand what’s going on with Game’s new release section. According to them Turok, Devil May Cry 4 and The Club aren’t out today, despite running pre-order promotions for all three for the past month or so. Sort it out, fellas.

The ‘big three’, then. As Jake mentioned earlier this week Turok is actually not bad, although Eurogamer reports that the first couple of hours don’t show much promise. Devil May Cry 4 has been getting some very positive reviews, but if you’re getting the PlayStation 3 version then you might like to read this article on the twenty minute install time. Then there’s The Club from Project Gotham Racing developers Bizarre Creations. It’s very arcade-like in design, being an against-the-clock-high-score-based affair. The demo reminded me of Outrigger on the Dreamcast.

The rest of the week’s releases are an odd bunch. There’s the mysterious Pic Pic and Tangram Mania on DS from 505 Games, along with the Agatha Christie adventure And Then There Were None on Wii. Nintendo’s Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation Method (yes, that’s the full title) might be worth a look if you want to flex your grey muscle, while the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games might help the title take top spot of the chart again next week.

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