So, Turok’s alright then

Tedious newswire emails tell me that Turok has been released in North America. When Disney Interactive first announced that they were doing something with the license, I wasn’t convinced it would ever happen. Everything associated with previous license holders Acclaim just has the kiss of death in my mind. But it has indeed made it out on their Touchstone label.

Saying that the new version is about as critically successful – so far – as Acclaim’s attempts doesn’t sound like much to shout about. But we have to be careful not to rewrite history, and assess Acclaim just on their latter days and ultimate downfall. They were responsible for the early Burnout games, the Extreme-G series (well I liked it), and their Turok games were pretty good.

Which means that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the new Turok title have average scores on Game Rankings of just over 70 percent.

So, er, let’s have a big “Hurrah!” for Acclaim, Disney Interactive, Pancake Day, and SUPER TUESDAY! It’s all very exciting.

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