Giant ape business

Burnout Paradise has held onto the top spot for a second week running, which isn’t a surprise given that it’s the biggest game released in 2008 so far. Wii Play has moved up a couple of places to take second, while WWE Vs Raw 2008 has gone back into the top ten, rising from #12 to #8.

Donkey Kong Jet Race is doing absurdly well – up from #33 to #11. Sonic and the Secret Rings, Mario Strikers Charged and Super Paper Mario are all back in the chart too, suggesting that more Wii consoles have found their way into the UK. Kingdom Under Fire is the only new entry, going in at #33.

After three long weeks NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has finally made an appearance – #26 in the Wii chart. That doesn’t bode too well for the recently announced PlayStation 2 conversion of the original making it out over here.

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