PSP & PSN news gubbins

psplick.jpgBrief and vague summaries are what we’re about, so here’s a quick round-up of the latest PSP news and some of the updates on the PlayStation Store.

» PSP firmware 3.90 is out now. The big news is that it includes Skype. So now you can use your PSP to chat with people overseas and such. However only the new Slim model PSPs will be able to use Skype, us fools who bought the original PSPs won’t get to play with that. However something called Go!Messenger will be available for all models, which is a video and voice messenger service just like Skype, except without the massive userbase.

» Patapon has got a UK release date. It’s 22nd February, which is even a little bit earlier than the US release. Good news people of Europe!

»The PlayStation Store got a bunch of nice updates last week. There are demos of Devil May Cry 4 (kind of “more of the same” but it looks sexy), Turok (the demo’s a little bit awful, although it does use the worst possible level to showcase the game), and Fifa Street 3. There’s also PixelJunk Monsters, which is a very cute looking tower defense game. It’s surprisingly addictive, and best of all it’s only £3.49, which is even cheaper than the US store price.

So yes, go out and grab PixelJunk Monsters now if you can.

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