Guest House Paradiso

It’s been a while since the last Burnout, so it’s good to see that it hasn’t become another fixture of EA’s yearly update rooster. Although there was Burnout Revenge on Xbox 360, this is the first proper next-gen Burnout and reviews have been pretty positive even though the crash junctions have gone. If you’ve got… oh, two minutes of your life to waste, then have a read of this semi-interesting article about the box art.

On the flip side, Donkey Kong Jet Race has received some appalling reviews. If this makes it into the top 40 when both NiGHTS and Geometry Wars: Galaxies failed to do so then there just isn’t any justice in the world. Another one from Nintendo this week is Advance Wars: Dark Conflict for DS, which, correct me if I’m wrong, hasn’t been released in the US yet. Now there’s a thing. Maybe. If I’m right.

Next week looks like a dull one, but early February sees Turok, The Club and Devil May Cry 4.

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