No kitty, that’s a bad kitty!

With 8 million copies of Nintendogs sold in Europe alone, it’s a wonder that Nintendo hasn’t milked their puppy pampering sim further than the lame Dalmatian edition. Every other publisher has since cashed in on the DS virtual pet craze – just take a look at the DS charts – but we can’t turn down the chance to talk about Sega’s effort: the brilliantly named Sega DreamCats. What a wonderful pun!

Because of the amount of squiggly writing it’s a bit hard to get any solid information from the website, but it’s worth a look if only because there are some amusing kitty pictures to be had. The RSPCA would probably have something to say about the one stuck in a paper shredder.

From the looks of things it’s out at the end of April. Another DS million seller?

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