Resistance 2 sounding scrummy

Resistance 2Resistance: Fall of Man did take something of a beating from critics and the public at large – even though despite it’s overuse of brown and grey it was actually pretty decent. “It’s not as good as Halo!” they cried, even though five years prior the same people were describing Halo as a poor sci-fi Goldeneye clone. Gamers typically have a short and selective memory.

Anyway, back to the point of this post – Resistance 2 has made its debut in US magazine Game Informer, and some kindly forum has hosted scans from the Resistance 2 article, a screen from which you can see next to this post.

Frankly, and admittedly wearing my PlayStation fanboy hat, Resistance 2 is looking set to be a corker. Apart from improving on the original in every way and using an increased colour pallete, Resistance 2 will feature 60 player online battles, 8 player co-op, class-based characters, and two entire campaigns to play through. Does that not sound good?

It looks as if the PlayStation 3 may actually have a glut of decent exclusive FPS games this year – with Haze due in the coming months and Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 both appearing before the year is out, not to mention the multiformat titles like Farcry 2 and Turok. Like buses, and all that.

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