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This is a nice idea: Team Ninja are after ideas for achievements for Ninja Gaiden 2. People have been posting their ideas like crazy over at Gamerscore Blog, and although some are pretty dull – such as “kill 100 enemies” and “perform a 100 hit combo” – there are some pretty amusing names. Here are just a few:

They Weren’t Zombies? – Slice 100 enemy heads
Wax On, Wax Off – Completed basic training
Chuck Norris is Proud – Roundhouse kick to behead a foe
You Got a Spot of Red on You- Kill 100 enemies
1up Mushroom – Jump on 6 enemy heads without touching the ground

Dead Rising has some rather imaginative achievements, like knocking down 10 zombies with a bowling ball and defeating 53,594 zombies – the entire population of the city in which the game is set. Dead or Alive 4 also had some novel ‘shame achievements’ which you unlocked for losing so many matches in a row. Then there’s The Simpsons Game, in which you get an achievement just for pressing the start button followed by the speech sample “Easiest achievement ever!”

Matt Gander

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