And the Christmas number one is…

…Call of Duty 4. Which isn’t very festive at all, really. But since when has a Christmas #1 had anything remotely Christmassy about it? Probably never. Assassin’s Creed takes second place, followed by The Simpsons Game, FIFA 08 and Need for Speed Pro Street. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – last week’s #1 – is now at #9.

The single format charts tell a different story – Assassin’s Creed takes top spot of the PlayStation 3 chart, Call of Duty 4 on 360, Mario & Sonic on Wii, Need for Speed on PlayStation 2, FIFA 08 on PSP and More Brain Training on DS. That’s quite an assortment, given that four of those are multiformat titles.

The last two weeks have been duller than dish water for new releases, so it shouldn’t surprise that there aren’t any new entries aside from Bee Movie at a rather poor #38. The Orange Box and Super Paper Mario are back in the lower end of the chart though, and Viva Pinata has been slowly creeping back up – currently at #29 – due to being bundled with 360 consoles. It’s faintly amusing that Cars is still in the top 40, but the recently released sequel – Cars Mater-National – is nowhere to be seen, with the emphasis there on the word faintly.

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