Help! My flares are on fire!

There are plenty of minigame collections for the Wii, but whether any are truly great is debatable. There’s good reason to have faith in Emergency Mayhem being the definitive party pleaser though – here the minigames are connected by Crazy Taxi-style arcade driving sections, which should give it a fair bit of depth.

The name Emergency Mayhem might ring a bell (or should that be siren?) – not just because we reported on the game coming out on Wii via Codemasters way back in January – but because it was originally a PlayStation 2 game due to be published by Acclaim. It’s now a Wii-exclusive, despite a PSP version being rumoured a while ago, and it looks like the developers are including some inventive ways of using the remote. A few examples: shaking it up and down to pump up a tyre, spinning it around to shut off a fire hydrant, and moving the remote and nunchuk simultaneously to walk like a penguin. Did I mention it doesn’t take itself too seriously?

It’s due in Q2 2008. If you require emergency assistance visit the official website.

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