Olympic and mix

Don’t think anybody saw this coming – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is #1, knocking Need for Speed Pro Street into second. Mario Party 8 is back in the top ten too, due to being half price at GameStation last week. It even outsold Super Mario Galaxy, currently at #13. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 has done better this week, finally arriving at #24 while The Golden Compass has also made an entry at #16.

Moving down the chart, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – easily the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusive around at the moment – only manages a poor #28, though it’s #2 in the PlayStation 3 chart, behind Call of Duty 4 (so more a case of lack of PlayStation 3 games being sold, than anything else). Link’s Crossbow Training at #27 is also surprisingly low seeing as it’s only £20 with the Wii Zapper, while Pokemon Battle Revolution at #40 could be the first hint that the franchise is on the wane. Yeah, right.

Not much going on in the single format charts, apart from from Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge on Wii going in at #12. That seems rather high for a game that has had no publicity at all.

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