Nintendo revamps site

Nintendo of Europe have updated their site, and they’ve done a good job. You can now swap Stars for Wii Points. Four Stars will buy you a Wii Point, which seems reasonable.

There’s also loads of new content in the Stars Catalogue, some of it even worth having, including cute pull-back Mario Kart toys made by child slaves in China.

The site also seems less sluggish and looks loads nicer too. So well done there, Nintendo of Europe.

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  • Согласен конечно :) Для меня это точно очень актуально :)

  • Я конечно в этом не особо разбираюсь, но после вашей статьи стал гораздо больше понимать. Респект :)

  • Удачи вам! Я думаю у вас все получится :)

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