They drink it in the congo

Adam awarded Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune full marks last week, so if you’ve got a PlayStation 3 or are hoping to find one under the Christmas tree it’s pretty much an essential purchase. Or at least a safe purchase. Medal of Honor Airbourne – a brand once exclusive to PlayStation – has also finally made it out on PlayStation 3 this week, some three months after the Xbox 360 version. We would have reviewed it but our copy got lost amidst the postal strikes. Damn you, Royal Mail!

Wii has a diverse line-up this week – Tomb Raider Anniversary, Pokemon Battle Revolution, puzzle thing Cranium and the Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow Training being the highlights. The lowlights? The allegedly awful Alvin & The Chipmunks (which received a rubbish 1.7 from IGN), plus Chegger’s Party Quiz, Catz, Dogz and Frogz.

On DS there’s the online Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command and Myst – formerly best selling PC game of all time, if only because early CD-Rom drives came bundled with it. Not much for 360 owners this week though – Soldier of Fortune: Payback has become one of Activision’s notorious straight-to-the-shelves budget games while Dancing Stage Universe is hardly going to get hardened Halo 3 players off the couch. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice on PSP is probably worth a look if you liked the first, but bare in mind that it’s due on PlayStation 2 early next year.

Next week: Not much, from the looks of things.

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