First Street Fighter IV shot

Street Fighter IV screenshot from 1upWe don’t bother with every new game screenshot nowadays, but this is Street Fighter IV, so it deserves some of our attention. If you ask us, it looks pretty sexy, although hopefully the Manga style won’t look too naff. It shouldn’t look as funny as the Street Fighter: The Movie game though, which featured E. Honda as a sex starved rapist. have published the first ingame screenshot from Street Fighter IV, to hype the January 2008 issue of EGM which will have exclusive Street Fighter IV coverage. Basically it will play much like a normal Street Fighter game – in 2D – but feature highly detailed, slightly Manga style 3D graphics. It should be the first proper Street Fighter update in over fifteen years (we’re not sure what to make of Street Fighter III and EX).

The official website also hosts the teaser trailer to stick your eyes on.

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