Echo, echo, echo…

With December now upon us, you might be trying to think of some decent Christmas gift ideas. It just so happens that Play-Asia has something you might like to stick into somebody’s stocking – the rather long winded Sega Mega Drive Portable Video Game Player.

Clocking in at just under £20, this officially licensed handheld features 20 games and runs off three AAA batteries. There’s no indication as to how long they last, but you can connect the device up to a TV for big screen play.

It’s odd that Play-Asia doesn’t list the games pre-installed, but a quick search on Google tells us that they range from the good (Sonic & Knuckles, Ristar, Decap Attack, Ecco and Golden Axe) to the bad (Altered Beast, Gain Ground, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle and Jewel Master).

It’s also odd that not only both Ecco and Ecco Jnr are present, but also Columns III and Dr. Robotnik´s Mean Bean Machine. Where’s the variety in that?

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