GameSpot editor “leaves”

Kane & Lynch adverts on GameSpotWe’re not one to talk about other sites, but there’s something strange going on over at GameSpot. The US reviews editor, Jeff Gerstmann, has left, apparently due to an argument surrounding his review of Kane & Lynch.

There are all sorts of rumours flying around. Eurogamer are claiming that a source “close to the editorial team” says the row is focused on the tone of the review, the contents of which were edited after Gerstmann submitted the original piece. The score is thought to have been left unchanged, however.

Eidos have been advertising heavily on the GameSpot site of late, and are thought to have been unhappy at the review. Kotakueven went so far as to claim that Edios threatened to pull the ads unless something was done.

Unfortunately, CNet (the owners of GameSpot) have refused to comment.

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