Thneed for Speed

Bad news for EA, as unlike its two immediate predecessors, Need for Speed: Pro Street doesn’t debut at #1. It is #2, but then it’s supposed to be a bit poo, so that seems entirely appropriate – if needlessly childish. It could yet be Christmas #1 though, being supported as it is by a ridiculous marketing campaign.

Mind you, Assassin’s Creed – #1 for a second week – is just about everywhere in the media too, including a recent edition of Five’s very mediocre Gadget Show.

Super Mario Galaxy watch now, and it’s down two to #7. Strip multiformat games down to their individual format editions though, and only the 360 version of Assassin’s Creed is taking more cash money in the nation’s games retailers. So, you know, it’s not really doing badly.

What else is new then? Guitar Hero III enters at #10, quickly followed by Mass Effect at #12, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games at #14, and Kane & Lynch at #16. How delightfully uniform.

Otherwise it’s war, Simpsons, Brain Training, football and wrestling knocking around the top of the chart. Expect this picture to become pretty familiar as we approach Christmas.

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