Unbiased opinion at its best

I’ve written about my love of Super Mario 64 – the best game ever, FACT – many times. But I’m definitely not assuming that Super Mario Galaxy isn’t as good without giving it a chance. So to prove it, after playing Super Mario Galaxy for only a few hours, here are three ways that it’s already not as good as Super Mario 64.

  • It starts horribly slowly. Granted, I can’t really remember how Super Mario 64 started, but I’ll assume it was better. That seems fair.
  • The castle was a far better hub area than the observatory. Selecting galaxies is disconnected and just plain messy, whereas jumping into a painting was seamless.
  • There aren’t enough coins. Coins are good. Bits of stars can sod off.

So there it is. My impartiality is confirmed, and Super Mario 64’s position as best game ever is maintained.

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