Dairy Milk is better

There’s only one game out today that matters, and that’s Left or Right – Ambidextrous Challenge on DS. Only joking: it’s Super Mario Galaxy on Wii… although Crysis on PC and Assassin’s Creed – which has been getting mixed reviews – could very well hamper Mario’s chart position next week. If the reviews are anything to go by though, Galaxy deserves to take the top spot, with NGamer claiming it to be “unparalleled fun”.

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only one from Ubisoft this week: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is out on Wii and DS, while movie tie-in Beowulf is unleashed on Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 and PSP versions aren’t out until near Christmas. It’s no wonder that Beowulf has slipped into stores silently – 1UP only gave it 3 out of 10. The only place to review Rayman thus far is IGN, who dished out a 6.3. Oh, Ubisoft!

Silent Hill Origins on PSP looks like it could be one of the better games released for the format of late, and it’s an exclusive to boot. Speaking of exclusives, D3’s Dragon Blade is out on Wii today. Some of the Panzer Dragoon team are involved, but it’s not great apparently. The same can be said for Viva Pinata: Party Animals on 360 – it looks quite nice but the mini-games are as bland as sugar free sweets. Rare aren’t involved, if you weren’t aware.

Next week: Mass Effect, Kane & Lynch, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and potential Christmas number one Need for Speed Pro Street.

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