Five Live

Xbox Live is five years old, and to celebrate they’re giving out some free stuff. Good for them.

If you’re a current Live subscriber you can download Carcassonne for free, that is if you’re quick enough to snap it up between 12.01am on the the 15th and and midnight on the 16th. Even better, if you registered in 2002 when the service started, you’ll recieve 500 Microsoft points.

In December you’ll be able to put those points towards an original Xbox game. Microsoft will be offering downloads of some Xbox titles over Live. Unfortunately they’ll be priced at around £10, making them quite a bit more expensive than picking up the games second hand.

And not all of the games will work perfectly, due to emulation. For instance, Psychonauts won’t work in 720p. Not that I know what that is. I think it stands for 720 pictures. I don’t know why anyone would need 720 pictures. Maybe it stands for the 720 pointless and confusing new high definition formats that have been introduced this year.

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